Monday, January 3, 2011

So many Failures so little time.

I have not cooked a successful meal since my last entry. Several nights we have turned to cereal for sustenance. Lets recap;
            Roast in the crock pot-Rubber has a smoother texture.
            Lasagna- Siphoned off about 2/3 cup of water after it was baking.
            Taco Chili- I can not even detail what happened to this but it was not good.
            Chicken pot pie- the dough was burnt and raw all at the same time.
            Hamburgers and fries- Charcoal hockey pucks and greasy limp fries.
            Breakfast-This one was pretty good actually, french toast, eggs, sausage.
            Roasted Chicken with potatoes- Flavorless
            Homemade chicken and noodles- Also a substitute for Glue.

The Sugar Cookies we baked for Santa were so dry that the Reindeer had cotton mouth. I think I baked something else in there too a cake or some brownies that were a complete disaster and the Glad trash bag was the only thing that got a taste.

I don't know what my problem is with cooking. I have used several different methods of cooking, oven, stove top, crock pot and all of them are a fail. On Facebook one of my friends told me to cook in the crock pot because it is idiot proof. Well mine must not have an idiot setting, I should look into an upgrade.


Pin and Paper said...

I still think some of it has got to be your oven and quite frankly I don't know how anyone cooks anything on an electric stove, I prefer gas. However I don't really know if my opinion holds much weight because I just rotate between grilled cheese, chicken nuggets and frozen pizza.

Got Grammer said...

Your oppion always hold weight for me my dear.