Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Does anyone know how to recall an email?

So at my new job I had the following conversation.

Me: I love your cat. (pointing at picture of yellow cat on desk)
Person I have never spoken to before this: Thanks she is so cute.
Me: I use to have a cat similar to that, but he went missing. I kind of thought your kitty was my kitty, but its not.
Person: (Looking at me like a I am freak)
Me: Oh! Wait that sounds creepy. Well I know its not my cat cause the other day when you were gone I got up real close to the photo and checked to see if it was my cat and it wasn't so don't worry you can keep him
Person: (Look of horror) (Sideways look of horror from person in cubical next to Person)
Me: (in a panic, rambling) No. Wait, its okay if it would have been my cat I would have let you keep it, I mean you look like one of those people who really loves your pets, you know with 3 photos of the same cat on your desk in silver frames. So it is not like I would have asked for my cat back or anything, I just want to know that my cat is okay. Okay now I sound crazy and I'm not, well if you ask my shrink he'll tell you differently. (lol awkward laugh) Wow, go me. This is the first time we have spoken and I am going off like a crazy person, taking your cat, and it not being my cat, taking it, and and and..........I'm going to just slowly walk away now.

Later that day I sent an email trying to recover the whole situation.

To: Person
Subject: First Impressions


 I was just hopping that I could ask you to forget the conversation we had earlier today. I am starting a new job and don't want to come off as a creepy and I am not really, creepy that is. But if you could just forget anything and all that I said past my comment about your pretty cat that would be great. I hope that someday we will be cubemates and can laugh about this moment and share crazy cat stories and other great anticit. So to wrap up me not crazy, you have a great cat that Im not going to take.


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Pin and Paper said...

Honey let's face it, she would have found out that you were a little crazy eventually anyway, I think maybe it was better this way. Make her think you're really bat sh#$ crazy right out of the gate and then when she gets to know you and finds out you're just mildly insane in a non-scary entertaining sort of way, it'll be a relief instead of a surprise.