Saturday, December 18, 2010

2011 Resolutions

1. Talk less, Listen more.
                    I am chatty, and sometimes I remember more ofwhat I say than what people said to me. So this resolution has become my resolution each year for the past several years.

2. Less bruises on my daughter.
                    I have a ten month old that has been walking since seven months, since her determination is farther ahead than her coordination she falls down a lot. Its horrible how many bruises are on her head. I can not tell you the amount of times she has fallen in this week let alone her life time. I can tell you my son has had 3 falls that were cause for concern. I can remember several times with Kayla that I contemplated if we were headed to the emergency room. The first time she fell down the stairs, in my defense I don't think she hit all 13 of the steps on her way down. The second time I was holding her and we both fell, in that instance as I was falling and trying to catch her Iwas able to think durning the fall if I should call my husband first or 911, she then toppled down the stairs literally head over heals and I knew I was calling 911 first. The timeI dropped her on her face while at the Doctors office was a particularly bad day for me. Followed by the day I ran her head into a wall at the Doctors office was also not a day I would like to repeat. Please take your hand away from calling child protective services. My Doctor says that my daughter is completely 100% in good health and shape and that I am a great Mom. I am not convinced of my abilities. But 2011 is a new year and since my daughter will be going back to day care I am sure she will be in better care than she has been with me. Parenting fail for me.

3. Loose inches and or weight.
               When I look at my naked body in the light (as opposed to candle light, hey its forgiving) my body looks as if it is doing the wave at a football game. And it is not cute. My husband good bless his soul (as well as wavy body as well) he says I am still the best looking piece of ass around. (I share his attraction) In shopping for new work clothes I found that I can no longer fit into my old size, and I can nto fit into the size above me. So I am looking to wear dresses until I can fit into my old clothes. You know they do have some rather business like looking mumus these days. With the right accessories I feel I could pull it off.

4. Do not let Daughter consume inedible items.

Do you see that?? That is what I pulled out of her mouth today. To get this she opened a box of picture frames, pulled out the Styrofoam and then ate it. All in a span of one minute!!! She is like a baby ninja with this crap. She loves eating crayons, chalk, dog hair, paper, lint. Parenting fail!
5. Keep the house clean and the car clean.
             This was suggested by my husband. I feel no need to make any discussion about this "resolution" as I am trying to keep a straight face I mean an open mind about the idea.

There you have it 2011 here I come.

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