Sunday, December 12, 2010

Celery will fix everything

I feel like some of my soul has just died. I deleted all 99 of my old blog posts. Maybe it was dumb but I felt the need to start fresh, clean the Internet slate of my old mindless nonsense and spelling errors. 

This week I got a job at a large local banking/mortgage/loan company. I am extremely excited to rejoin cubical farm.  To race for the parking lot at quitting time. To drink shitty coffee with other adults! To get the Mondays!! I have been a stay at home mom for five months and it has been the greatest time of my life. Well most of the time, as slight side effect has been the loss brain cell. You know I am all for kids learning while watch TV, you know the programming that encourages Meticognivity and social skills. Blues Clues, Clifford, Dinosaur Train (I do quite like the theme song of Dinosaur Train) and last is Wonder Pets.
If you are not familiar with this slightly creepy looking animated characters let me brief you. They are animal hero's, they save other animals when they are in need of help. They solve problems using teamwork and singing out there troublesome issues. My kids love it, I am not so fond of the trio. The odd animal threesome sing about teamwork, phones ringing, animals in trouble and my kids favorite, there own hero theme song. I hear this sound track in my head all fricken day long with or without the shows. I can't help it I try to stop the infectious tunes but I can not. I hear them when my phone rings, when I am trying to accomplish something and need help I hear the tunes. I am now concerned that when I go back to work I will start singing these songs OUT LOUD!!! Imagine the horror here!!! Someone uses the word trouble and I belt out," THIS IS SEWIOUS!!!" (The duck has a speech impediment.) What if at work we actually have an animal in trouble, like a goose with a sprained wing and I go into preschool mode and start recruiting managers by singing about much needed teamwork.

Is my mushy rug rat brain ready for real work, do I have actual brain function left in there? Sure I can sudoku with the best of them (levels 1 and 2 on the easy scale, don't judge me!) My brain age is like in the high seventies but who's isn't? Maybe I should start watching CNN just to brush up on my adult skills. Join a book club and deeply discuss one of the books on Oprah's list. Or maybe I should just watch another episode of Clifford, there encouragement of sharing and caring is bound to help me with other adults. Or I could just bring a community candy bowl with chocolate in it.

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